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At Optimize 3.0 we want to provide you with the resources to assist your ongoing content marketing strategy.  Here's a centralized location for downloads and tools to help your online marketing efforts.  From advice on creating better websites to social media implementation, we've organized our content assets in one central location.  Be sure to check back frequently for updates!


Whitepapers and eBooks to Improve your Website and Inbound Marketing efforts:

Popular Blog Posts:

  • Review and Guide to Hubspot 3.0  Learn about the latest updates to Hubspot software including smart CTAs and landing pages.

  • What is Hubspot? An in-depth look at one of the fasted growing software companies in the United States.  See first-hand how an integrated content management and marketing platform can grow your business.
  • What is Inbound Marketing  An easy to follow explantion of inbound marketing with practical examples of each step in the process beginning with targeting your buyer persona.

Tools and Resources:

  • Inbound Marketing Flow Chart This easy to follow chart allows you to map out each step on the inbound marketing process against each of your targeted buyer personas.
  • Free Website Evaluation Your website reviewed for free!  Have an outside expert look at among things, how your SEO efforts are going, social media integrations and even how you stack up against your competition.  This is a valuable offer that should not be overlooked.


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