The Inbound Marketing Blueprint

A process to attract and drive leads through the buying cycle

The Inbound Blueprint is customized plan that fully leverages inbound marketing and software to grow your business.  This plan aligns content your buyer's are looking for at inbound_blueprint_overvieweach stage of their journey.  

The Blueprint Process Engagement:

1) We start with a discovery process that captures your first-hand knowledge of your business, the reasons people buy from you, and the reasons they don’t.

2) This information is analyzed and mapped onto proven models inside Hubspot (and other marketing automation software) for attracting prospects and nurturing their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement.

3) The resulting plan and execution is a sales process unique to your business and specific to the value you provide and the challenges you have educating prospects about your value. We call this your sales engine.

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Inbound Blueprint Overview

What some of our client's have to say about the Blueprint:

"We are an M2M service provider and were implementing inbound marketing but mostly top of the funnel activity.  We engaged with Optimize 3.0  to enhance our lead nurturing processes.  In doing so, we executed an Inbound Marketing Blueprint.  The results were significant.  We moved our leads much further down the funnel and our sales qualified leads improved markedly."

- Dayna Verstegen, Director Lead Generation, Aeris Communications

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