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We Can Teach You How to Use HubSpot Better 

Optimize 3.0 is a HubSpot Diamond Partner with over seven years of experience. We fully recognize that HubSpot and inbound marketing is daunting.  We want to help you get more from Hubspot and drive more leads.  

We have designed a 6 week training session to learn HubSpot and inbound marketing.  This is not a "watch a video and take a test" offer.  Our training sessions one on one and designed to your specific needs to get the most from your Hubspot investment.

Topics covered:

  • SEO & keyword tool
  • Content creation strategies and tactics for your buyer persona
  • How to create a perfectly optimized blog post
  • Building a sales funnel using Lifecycle stage (strong emphasis on MQL & SQL)
  • How to set up custom lead scoring & alerts
  • Leveraging workflow tool for lead nurturing and administrative back end tasks 
  • Personalization tools including smart CTAs
  • Landing page optimization tactics to drive leads through the sales funnel
  • Creating forms and contact properties
  • Social sharing best practices
  • Hubspot tips and tricks
  • Plus much more

Each course is 12 one hour session that meets twice per week over 6 weeks.

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"I didn't have time to take all of the HubSpot courses.  I was familiar with other marketing automation platforms, but needed to get up and running much faster than taking the HubSpot video classes.  Optimize 3.0 provided the perfect hands-on training to get us set up and running."

Anne Laffin, Director of Marketing, RightCapital 

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