Custom Inbound Marketing Campaigns

inbound_campaignsOptimize 3.0 implements customized inbound marketing campaigns designed to meet the lead and sales goals for your business. 

The key components of an Optimize 3.0 inbound marketing campaigns include some or all of the following:

Keyword Research and SEO.  Identification of targeted keywords based on search volume and difficulty.  Optimization of page metadata with targeted keywords.  Alignment of keywords with buyer personas for blog content.

Content Creation.  Build a content plan to share information that is beneficial to targeted buyer personas.  Start a company blog.  Use SEO long tail keyword research as a guide for topics.  Build supplemental content that potential customers seek early in their sales cycle (e.g. white papers, how-to videos, top tips). 

Landing Pages and Lead Nurturing.  Build smart landing pages to capture end user data.  Connect customized follow up emails to leads to drive them down the sales funnel.

eMail.  Segment and target leads based on lead score and onsite behavior.  Connect via email campaigns for offers and content updates.

CRM.  Connect marketing automation software with to your CRM platform.  Stay in touch with potential customers as they move towards a purchase decision.

Social MediaEstablish Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts.  Use software to connect these accounts to your blog.  Publish content to your blog and invite viral sharing.

Analytics.  Measure the performance of content publishing and engagement across all site visits and sources. Identification of  topics and information driving the most leads and sales.  Use this data for future content publishing emphasis.

Inbound Marketing Campaign typically takes 4 to 6 months to take effect.  On average, companies see 420% increase in leads.*

Would you like to get started?  Inbound Marketing Agency Optimize 3.0 can tailor the best solution to meet your needs. 

*State of Inbound Marketing Report

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