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What Is Landing Page | Landing Page Inspiration

Posted by Doug Kirk  Oct 6, 2011 2:49:00 PM

What is landing page?  Many people don’t know what this means.  Landing page is a term for where your site visitors convert.   Convert can mean many things, but in this context it’s a site visitor that passes along their contact information (name, email, telephone #, etc) in return for a piece of information (whitepaper, ebook, podcast, etc) or interaction with you (e.g. demo, webinar).  Landing pages are a critical component of online marketing and often get overlooked.    

Are you in need of landing page inspiration? There are several key principles when it comes to creating a landing page to get the best results.  These tips provide you with some landing page inspiration:

  • Leave out any website navigation.  Don’t give the site visitor a reason to leave.  Once they convert (fill out your form), send them to a “thank you” page that returns the navigation.
  • Keep the description of the offer clear, simple, and concise.  Make the headline stand out.  Add a brief description and bullet point the benefits of the content (or offer) they will receive.  End with a call to action that gets the visitor to fill out the form.  
    • One company had a 32% conversion rate with a long description and form field.  When they edited the text down dramatically they brought their conversion rate to 53% (Hubspot, Webinar Redesign Strategy, 2010).
  • Add a picture to the page.  Make the picture relevant to the offer.
  • Add social sharing buttons to the landing page.  Putting Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook share buttons will help spread your content easily beyond your social network. 

Make sure you have the ability to construct landing pages yourself in your content management system.  There should be ready-built templates that don’t require unique design or HTML.  You (or someone at your company) should be able to create and publish a landing page within 15 minutes.

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What is landing page?  Landing pages are where the magic happens; they’re the gateway to conversions that create engaged and interested leads. Make sure you can grab their attention with an interesting offer, but also coherently explain what you’re offering through the landing page.  Stick to these principles of what is landing page best practices.  It won’t take long until you see the results.

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