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Your Guide to Inbound Marketing Services and Pricing

Posted by Doug Kirk  Jan 21, 2013 10:15:00 AM

What are inbound marketing services exactly and what do they cost? Inbound marketing is a broad undertaking that encompasses a range of activities.  When done correctly, in unison, it is perhaps the most effective means to drive new leads and sales to a website.  Actually implementing inbound marketing services goes well beyond simply buying automation marketing software.  Here’s why: The software only goes so far - be it Hubspot, Pardot, Maketo or any other platform.  Here's the disconnect - people often buy inbound marketing software without fully understanding the real effort required to fully benefit from the software investment. 

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What Is Landing Page | Landing Page Inspiration

Posted by Doug Kirk  Oct 6, 2011 2:49:00 PM

What is landing page?  Many people don’t know what this means.  Landing page is a term for where your site visitors convert.   Convert can mean many things, but in this context it’s a site visitor that passes along their contact information (name, email, telephone #, etc) in return for a piece of information (whitepaper, ebook, podcast, etc) or interaction with you (e.g. demo, webinar).  Landing pages are a critical component of online marketing and often get overlooked.    

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