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A Great Screen Capturing Software Free That Provides SEO Benefits

Posted by Doug Kirk  Jun 15, 2011 7:10:00 PM

I stumbled across Screenr the other day when I was researching one of my competitor’s back links.  I clicked through and discovered a great screen capturing software free tool.  The added benefit is that the account provides a pretty high value do-follow link.  I’ve considered a screen capture video of my blog calculator to demonstrate that interactivity and explain with voiceover how it works.   I thought I might have to invest in something like Camtasia (makers of Snag It) which is a great tool.   But I’ve been putting that off with other priorities.  However, as soon as I started playing around with Screenr I knew I was onto something pretty great.    

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How to create Video XML Sitemap for Embedded YouTube Video

Posted by Doug Kirk  Jun 13, 2011 11:45:00 AM


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