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Wordpress Alternatives For Small to Medium Businesses

Posted by Doug Kirk  May 20, 2013 5:33:00 PM

Have you ever contemplated what it would take to independently aggregate the most important elements of an inbound marketing campaign onto a Wordpress site?   It’s likely that small to medium businesses do this research and come out with two fairly common objections to the Hubspot software solution:

“I can do all of this on Wordpress for free”


“I’m not moving my site onto the Hubspot CMS”

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CMS Marketing | How Your CMS can improve your online marketing

Posted by Doug Kirk  Jul 18, 2011 9:53:00 AM

Over the course of my career I’ve worked with a number of content management systems (CMS).  From Joomla to Drupal to custom solutions.  Here’s the hard truth: They’re not built for true CMS marketing.   It’s not that they don’t really work, they did a bit.  But they fail at a far more basic level:  You need a developer to get them to function.  Despite every attempt to get these platforms to be user-friendly, they are not.  You’re constantly in need tech help for everything from buttons to updating the database.  For a site owner who needs access to his/her site, you can’t be held hostage by a developer.  I’ve seen this too often.    

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