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Get More Twitter Followers | Best Twitter Software 2013

Posted by Doug Kirk  Dec 30, 2012 9:23:00 PM

It's the holiday season and I wanted to share one of my secrets with my readers.  When I started using Twitter I had practically no idea how to find get more Twitter followers.  I had about 100 measly followers I managed to cobble together.  Twitter was this vast communication beast.  How could I possibly find the right followers?  How could I get them to follow me?  What would I Tweet?  It seemed everyone else was in on this enormous secret and I was on the outside with my face pressed against the glass!

That all changed when a friend mentioned Tweet Adder to me.  We were having coffee and I expressed all of my concerns/questions with Twitter and how it seemed almost impenetrable.  He said “just check out Tweet Adder, hands down the best Twitter software out there. “  I’m pretty skeptical, but my friend is fairly clever when it comes to things online.  I went home and bought it.

In Just two months, I was close to 2,000 followers.  Simply said, if you want more Twitter followers, not just random followers, but targeted followers who actually have a shared common interest, this is the best Twitter software you can find.  Here’s why I find this software  so effective:

  • Follow the followers of your competitors - automatically.   Do you have competitor on Twitter with a ton of followers?  You can add these to your Tweet Adder account and follow them with a press of a button.    
  • Add followers based on their bio descriptions. Want Twitter followers interested in cooking?  Use Tweet Adder to search across the Twitterverse for anyone with “chef” or “cooking” in their bios.  Auto-follow those like-minded souls automatically.
  • Just interested in those chefs near you?  You can regionalize your search and follows to city, state, zip code and even country!
  • How about anyone who has Tweeted about “recipes” in the last month?  You can search for a keyword that has been Tweeted and follow those users too.

This is the key: Getting the secret to more followers is targeting people with similar interests.  If they see you are of a like mind, then they'll more often than not follow you back.  Yet, the software features don’t end there. The software allows you to set follower to following ratios so you never seem like one of those folks with too many follows and not enough followers.  Also, there’s a great way to add your own Tweets through your Tweet Adder account.  This is particularly advantageous when you blog.  This tool enables distribution of your blog posts and website content to your Twitter followers – who just also happen to be targeted and growing! 

Tweet Adder is not free.  But for $55 (less a 20% discount) I found it almost insanely inexpensive.  If you want more Twitter followers, I can’t recommend a better Twitter software. 

Happy holidays!

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