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Posted by Doug Kirk  May 11, 2015 5:06:44 PM

Here’s a question I get quite a bit:  How can I engage with my anonymous site visits?

More and more B2B marketers recognize the power of inbound marketing and the ability to generate leads.  Yet most site visits leave – in fact, about 98% leave, and that’s if you have a pretty good conversion rate. 

Something that Hubspot can’t do

Hubspot can personalize content if the user is in the database and this only happens when someone converts via a downloaded.  Once known, Hubspot can personalize the visitor’s experience via their COS.  However, what about most of the other site visits?  The other 98% of visits that don’t convert?  This critical component of your audience is how content recommendation optimization tools such as BrightInfo differ from marketing automation platforms.  

Personalized content for anonymous visits

BrightInfo serves content to visitors dynamically and on a per visitor basis.  Their algorithm can do this based on the following:

  • Analyzes anonymous visitor actions and interests based on Individual behavior (new, returning…)
  • Content browsed and navigation patterns
  • Textual hints such as search keywords and page content
  • Smart text analysis that “understands” the key terms in your content and thus profile the visitor interest in your business


A content recommendation platform can positively impact conversion rations.  Empirical data shows that the lift can be anywhere from 20 to 50% (download whitepaper). 

Customized and fully automated

BrightInfo serves content to visitors dynamically and on a per visitor basis.  Everything with BrightInfo is fully automated. BrightInfo is typically up and running in minutes and doesn’t require any ongoing administration.

BrightInfo is live on our site now,  

Example: Floating Content Bar 


Example: Custom Exit banner


Cross device & integrated with Hubspot

BrightInfo content offers are optimized for all browsing devices, from mobile to tablet to desktops. The content offers are responsive and can scale to fit the free space available or to show just a tab depending on the individual visitor screen resolution  Additionally, BrightInfo has been integrated with Hubspot.   

Content recommendation platforms should not be confused with marketing automation platforms.  They address a different site visit altogether. A fairly large one in fact.  

Download the Content Recommendation Engine whitepaper to learn more.  

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