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Inbound Marketing Tools - Our Favorite Hubspot Hacks

Posted by Doug Kirk  Mar 14, 2017 5:10:08 PM

Hubspot offers an array of inbound marketing tools that integrate blogging, SEO, email, lead nurturing and lead scoring to name just a few.  As long time users of Hubspot, we've developed some ways to get even more from the platform.  One of our favorite tools inside Hubspot is the keyword tool.  The following is a little hack we've developed to find those very best keywords to leverage for SEO and blog posts:

1) Go to Reports > Keywords

2) Export all your Keywords

inbound marketing tools - SEO


inbound marketing tools - SEO 2.jpg

3) Open the file in Excel.  Insert a column after Monthly Searches and Difficulty.  Label it "Value."

inbound marketing tools - SEO 3.jpg

4) In the new column divide Monthly Searches and Difficulty

5) Copy that formula all the way down the column

inbound marketing tools - SEO 6.jpg

6) Create a range of all your keywords

7) Click Sort & Filter and add a Filter

inbound marketing tools - SEO 5.jpg

8) Click on Value tab and sort from Largest to Smallest

9) Delete or move the rows with “#Value” these are the least valuable

inbound marketing tools - SEO 6.jpg

10) As you work down the list highlight any Keyword with a difficulty score of 70 or less

11) These are your best Keywords to target in blog posts and on website pages!

inbound marketing tools - SEO 7.jpg

Target these keywords in your blog posts and web pages.  Download "Our 3 Favorite Hubspot Hacks" to get more ways to leverage the inbound marketing tools available in Hubspot.


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