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Inbound Marketing Software Guide - Find the Right One for You

Posted by Doug Kirk  Oct 9, 2012 10:00:00 AM

Exactly what is inbound marketing and inbound marketing software.  Answering that can be a significant challenge.  However, once what is inbound marketingunderstood it will open remarkable online business possibilities. In this post and accompanying e-book and automated decision engine, I will explain the strategies that will assist you to put into action your inbound marketing resources. First, let’s examine several features of inbound marketing and what makes it such a powerful online marketing strategy.  After that I will discuss how inbound marketing software enables seamless execution of your inbound marketing plan.

Inbound Marketing is Educational & Helpful

Educational marketing supplies solutions to a question, need or concern that a potential client will often have. This is the marketing that's most useful when a potential customer is in research mode and seeking specific info to get nearer to a buying decision. How-to blog posts as well as step-by-step online videos, for instance, would certainly represent this sort of inbound marketing. The overall tone of this content material borders on the role of consulting and even customer support - and it is definitely not a sales message.

Inbound Marketing is Timely & Customized
To ensure that inbound marketing to be genuinely valuable, however, it needs to delivered at the right time. Consider this: If you're struggling with a particular problem and are actively hunting for a answer, wouldn’t it be amazing to discover it right in your inbox at the moment you needed it most?  Let’s say you're organizing a party and looking for the appropriate locale. In your investigation, you may visit some websites, however your heart will probably be won by the business that follows up with you, recognizing what you're searching for and offering to help. Amazon stands out as the great example of a web site that customizes viewing in line with the needs and likes of its customers.

Inbound Marketing has Consistent Language and Message
To help make efficient inbound marketing people react to, you must take into account the experience of the consumer throughout their various lifecycle phases: from the first time they experience your brand or company, to their interaction with your site and information, to begin converting into a buyer, as well as their long-term success as one. By making this movement throughout distinct lifecycle phases regular and fluid, you eliminate obstacles and inspire your target audience to evangelize for your company.
Inbound Marketing Leverages Inbound Marketing Software
Each of these strategies sits on top of a powerful inbound marketing software such as Hubspot.  This is an all-in-one marketing system that provides marketing automation with integrated inbound marketing tools such as an SEO keyword database tied to a blog platform. These components and other unique elements are what really set Hubspot apart as an inbound software.  Using this software allows you to craft campaigns to attract visits to your site.  Most other marketing software platforms only start to work once someone arrives at your site.  This is an important and meaningful difference.
Now that we’ve covered the key characteristics of what is inbound marketing, how can you adopt these features to your own marketing practices. In this ebook, I walk through the process of running a holistic inbound marketing campaign and show you ways in which you can make each part of this campaign educational, helpful, timely, customized, consistent--in other words, effective!
From industry best practices and our own experience at Optimize 3.0, there are six key components of inbound marketing strategy success:

• Produce a compelling marketing offer

• Place the offer on your website

• Attach the offer to automated workflows

• Promote it via email

• Promote via blog & social media channels

• Measure results
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