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Marketing Automation Health Check

Posted by Doug Kirk  May 7, 2015 4:08:00 PM

mkt_auto_health_checkWe are often asked to evaluate websites, particularly sites using marketing automation, particularly Hubspot.  Over time, we’ve gotten fairly good at determining if a site is getting most from their Hubspot investment.  Granted, we recognize that it’s not easy for everyone to know all of the ins and outs of the inbound marketing tools-- especially when they are constantly adding and updating features.  But every "check up" starts by looking at to see if it has a full inbound strategy in place. 

An inbound marketing sales strategy is a effectively a sales funnel that leverages the most important features of Hubspot.  Specifically, how leads are moved through the marketing and sales funnel.  Much is said about buying cycles in regards to inbound marketing, but actually implementing that inside Hubspot is what we look for in our site evaluation.

In fact, we’ve boiled down our test to 3 simple steps:

  • How a site leverages its blog – not just frequency of blog posts
  • How thank-you pages and emails are positioned and common mistakes made here
  • Do leads progress through the sales funnel using personalization technology

We’ve developed an easy test to see if a site has the right set up.  Want to see how we do it? Download our Marketing Automation Health Check see the exact steps we take to review your site. 

marketing automation health check